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Virgin Straight Bundle

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Luxurious Origins: Unveil the Beauty of South East Asian Hair

Welcome to the world of glamour and elegance with our Virgin Straight Bundle, sourced from the exotic lands of South East Asia. Each bundle is carefully crafted from the hair of a single donor, ensuring its exceptional quality and authenticity. Experience the allure of silky-smooth strands that embody the natural beauty and charm of this unique region.

Versatile Styling: Unleash Your Creativity
  • Originates from South East Asia, renowned for its exceptional hair quality.
  • Each bundle weighs between 3.4-3.6oz, providing generous volume and coverage.
  • Thick hair strands create a natural and voluminous look.
  • Medium to high luster enhances your overall radiance.
  • No synthetic fibers; only pure, authentic human hair.
How Long Does It Take for my order to be processed?

7 - 10 Business Days

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